Questionnaire closing on October 31st

Update: The questionnaire will be open until November 30th.

The Sustainable Roads on-line questionnaire will close on October 31, 2013 in order to begin processing the results. The questionnaire will close after the final community meeting on October 9th in Everett. Please let your friends, family and colleagues know that there is still time to take the questionnaire!


6 responses to “Questionnaire closing on October 31st

  1. I would like to see them remain open for traveling on via motorcycle, Dual sport bikes that are licensed and off road worthy. I remember riding these type of roads in the 70’s – then went into the service for 30 years and thought that by now they were all closed. I wana go back and ride them – beauitful scenery and vistas

  2. I use these roads primarily for access to day hiking areas I know others use them for much more. My input would be to concentrate efforts on the roads most used. If little or unused roads need to be modified to allow fish passage and limit storm erosion then so be it, they could still be used as horse back or hiking trails just not vehicle access. I think people would still like to see the forest as accessible so there still needs to be a network of roads, just not as many as there are today.

  3. In regards to the article I recently read in King5 I wanted to send you my thoughts.

    Perhaps they can use the money they generate by selling the lumber that’s been cut down in the National Forest, to maintain the roads in the National Forest. Seems it’s pretty valuable considering the use of helicopters to retrieve and load them onto logging trucks that are parked at the ends of these roads, that then wear on them more than any family car.

    They might think also about allowing the roads to be maintained by private citizens as they visit. Private citizens visiting the area should also take this as their responsibility. I clear roads as I visit them and sometimes make repairs as needed, just so I can continue to explore the area. I pack out trash that I find and try to leave a better place for the next persons visit. Education in sustainable lands goes a long way.

    Just closing these roads goes against everything the forest service stands for. These are public lands and are there to be used by the public. Stop closing publicly owned roads.

    The Forest Service motto, “Caring for the Land and Serving People”

  4. I use the forest roads to access trail heads for hiking. I believe maintaining access to the forests is a key component to both helping people stay active for a lifetime and access allows more people to enjoy outdoor recreation and beauty. Without that access public interest and input will disappear.

  5. My husband and I are day hikers. Forest roads allow access to the trailheads that we enjoy using. We are a world class hiking area bringing tourist dollars to our communities. Let’s protect this as well as keeping our own community healthy and fit.

  6. I use forest roads to get trailheads for hiking, scrambling and climbing. I also use them in a club, the Mountaineers, we access back country for training.

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