Update! Online questionnaire open until Nov 30

Since the Everett community meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 13th, we are leaving the online questionnare open until November 30th. If you have not taken the survey yet — there’s still time!

Take the questionnaire now.


4 responses to “Update! Online questionnaire open until Nov 30

  1. Forest Service Rd 144 going to Gold Creek pond, is in need of gravel and grading more often. We own a cabin in the Ski Tur Valley, and I have brought my tractor from Royal City, and have graded the road FS 144, once a year for the last 6 years. There are areas that bring up big rocks, due to not enough gravel. I have appreciated The gravel and the grading done by the Forest Service. That particular short distance from FS 4832 to Gold Creek Pond gets, a lot of traffic, and are usually going way to fast, causing premature pot holing. Therefor, I recommend more maintenance, when funds are available. Thanks Byron Bridges

  2. Down in the south part of the forest in the checkerboard areas, alternating sections of private and public land, there are public easements. What happens to the public’s right to cross private land to public land if the Forest Service stops its share of the land maintenance? Will the gates come up and the public be locked out?

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