Road 25 by MBSNF

The Sustainable Roads Analysis used an interdisciplinary, science-based process to evaluate individual segments of the road system. This process takes into account public issues, forest plan allocations and management constraints. Broad subject areas with refined evaluation criteria are used to demonstrate the compatibility of road segments with ecological, social and economic objectives of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

Road segments are rated as low, medium or high based on specific evaluation criteria under categories of resource concerns and access needs. Forest specialists consider resource concerns for aquatics, wildlife, cultural and heritage areas, and invasive plant species; access needs for vegetation management, recreation, cultural and heritage areas, special uses, administrative uses and joint ownership.


2 responses to “Evaluation

  1. Keep all mainline roads open, second roads to popular recreation use, third roads that lead to stands that could be thinned and managed. Doing nothing is not management it is neglect to the resource that the forest is charged with managing.

  2. The retention of historic traditional roads for recreation access and pleasure driving is critical. Most recently WDFW has joined the WTA which expresses the economic value of public access to OUR lands that are managed by the government staff on on behalf. Lack of O&M funding is just a “code” word for closing roads. That’s not okay with me!

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